ATLANTIC.NET TRANSFORMS INTO A VIRTUAL PROVIDER initially came into being as a selling house for components along with personal computers and was again morphed into being a colocation center after a while. Of late it has again undergone transformation and is right now as hosting agency.

It will be contextual to mention at this juncture that this has got something to do with cloud computing and also that cloud computing is facilitated by vps which is the act of achieving a link between the cloud server and the individual user or company’s own computer power and data by means of virtual private server.

Coming back to the original context, the experience of being a value added reseller or VAR for quite a long period of time in its business history — has enabled to effectively assist its present clients to link to the cloud server without having to spend on imparting any technical training to its personnel.

The company has opened two fresh data centers at Toronto and Dallas. This has resulted in enabling the company to make a very strong presence in the territory of North America. In addition to this the company runs a data center at Orlando. Hereby the company can extend customer support to the people of South Eastern America.

The story behind Atlantic.Net’s success till this far has been adaptation to the changing times in computer technology. TaylorWorks, a web hosting company based in Florida have worked in unison with Atlantic.Net for several years and they openly acknowledge the ability of Atlantic to adapt to a changing environment. The latter company incidentally nowadays offers the web hosting service by utilizing the facility of Atlantic.

Atlantic now also offers its clients DNS management, backup which is integrated; free DNS apart from providing them with an option to select different OS options. The CEO of this famed company went on to comment that this house is proactive to be a one-stop solution provider to any issue related to servers.  The company also develops software which is orchestral; this is by virtue of its experience to have been a VAR at some time.

The licensing is handled automatically by the cloud server which this company provides. Thus the facility does not take any extra time to boot without the requirement of any update of software or the keys used for licensing. The company is also in a state of mulling the expansion of the present server.

Cloud Computing Market in the year 2018 of ANZ Region, Japan, Latin America & South Africa

The Cloud Computing market in Japan is undergoing an arrival of several telecommunications companies. These business houses own the much required infrastructure which is needed for cloud computing, so as to make the process of entering the market easier. All of the three most important telecommunications companies which are SoftBank Telecom Corp., NTT Communications Corp. and KDDI Corp., have made quite a good reputation of themselves in the market.

These top notch companies with their several data centers are involved in offering IaaS. At the time of the estimate period, these business houses are most likely to gain a bigger portion of the market share. Market analysts predicted that the Cloud Computing industry in Japan will develop in the time period of 2013-2018 at a CAGR of 9.7 percent. The expansion of the Cloud Computing market in Japan is determined by various factors, one of them is the ever-increasing implementation of cloud-based solutions in SMEs as per the report. SMEs are implementing cloud solutions so as to deliver superior services as well as attain bigger operational competence.

The report distinguishes the following business houses as the main participants in the Cloud Computing Market in Japan:

  • Amazon Web Services Inc.
  • Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Google Inc.
  • IBM Corp.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Inc.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Hitachi Data Systems Corp.
  • HP Co., KDDI Corp.
  • NEC Corp.
  • NTT Communications Corp.
  • Oracle Corp.
  • SAP AG,
  • SoftBank Telecom Corp.
  • VMware Inc.

The Cloud Computing market in the ANZ state will develop at a CAGR of 25.52 percent as per the prediction of the analysts over the time span of 2013 to 2018. As per the report, the development of the Cloud Computing industry in the ANZ area is determined by numerous factors, the main reason being the growing support and help from the Australian government. To convey improved services and accomplish superior effectiveness in the performance of the different departments, there are several strategies that are chalked by the Australian government so as to enhance the intensification of the Cloud Computing market in the ANZ district.